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Published: April 4, 2023 (Updated: April 14, 2023) started out as a small project that I worked on in my free time between jobs back in 2014.

Originally, the website had many features, most of which were geared towards filling gaps in tooling at my previous tech support job for a domain name registrar.

In its final iteration, was trimmed down to 2 main tools:

The infrastructure and code for has not changed much over the years. Most of the maintainance has been for addressing security issues, host patching/upgrade, and small enhancements here and there. On one hand, it has been impressive that has been able to keep running for so many years with minimal changes. On the other hand, it becomes more and more challenging to keep it online.

Which is why I have made the decision to shut down indefinitely. My life circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to maintain the website.

Thank you to all the people across the world who have used the website and recommended the website to others for the last 9 years.


– Izzy Galvez


Which alternative tools can I use instead of


Commandline tools:

Will there be a “v2”?

I cannot say for certain. If I were to relaunch, I would want to start from scratch and follow all the latest best practices for full stack development, continious integration, and continous deployment. The technology landscape has changed a lot since 2014!

Will you open-source “v1”?

I do not have plans at this time to open-source the original code for “v1”.

Is the domain “” for sale?